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el amor en los tiempos del cólera

fermina i have waited for this opportunity for 51 years,
nine months and four days
that is how long i have loved you from the first moment
i cast eyes on you until now

another guido
another maestro
photography by brigitte lacombe


mickey rourke, eric roberts and diane lane
courtesy of life

"everything i know, i know because i love"

from war and peace
Лев Николаевич Толстой


directed by alejandro gonzález iñárritu
starring javier bardem

the best movie in the past few years


the earth turned to bring us closer

the earth turned to bring us closer,
it spun on itself and within us,
and finally joined us together in this dream
as written in the Symposium.
nights passed by, snowfalls and solstices;
time passed in minutes and millennia.
an ox cart that was on its way to Nineveh
arrived in Nebraska.
a rooster was singing some distance from the world,
in one of the thousand pre–lives of our fathers.
the earth was spinning with its music
carrying us on board;
it didn't stop turning a single moment
as if so much love, so much that's miraculous
was only an adagio written long ago
in the Symposium’s score.

la tierra giró para acercarnos

la tierra giró para acercarnos,
giró sobre sí misma y en nosotros,
hasta juntarnos por fin en este sueño,
como fue escrito en el Simposio.
pasaron noches, nieves y solsticios;
pasó el tiempo en minutos y milenios.
una carreta que iba para Nínive
llegó a Nebraska.
un gallo cantó lejos del mundo,
en la previda a menos mil de nuestros padres.
la tierra giró musicalmente
llevándonos a bordo;
no cesó de girar un solo instante,
como si tanto amor, tanto milagro
sólo fuera un adagio hace mucho ya escrito
entre las partituras del Simposio.

by eugenio montejo

how many lives do we live?
how many times do we die?
they say we all lose 21 grams
at the exact moment of our death
and how much fits into 21 grams?
how much is lost?
when do we lose 21 grams?
how much goes with them?
how much is gained?
how much is gained?
twenty-one grams
the weight of a stack of five nickels
the weight of a hummingbird
a chocolate bar.
how much did 21 grams weigh

a paul rivers' narration from 21 grams (2003)
directed by alejandro gonzález iñárritu
written by guillermo arriaga


alamar (2009)
directed and written by Pedro González-Rubio
starring Jorge Machado, Natan Machado Palombini and Nestór Marín